Back-to-School Organizing Ideas From the 2012 IKEA Catalog

The 2012 IKEA Catalog is out! While I generally don’t get too excited about snail mail, the IKEA catalog is one of the best reasons to walk to the mailbox these days. The innovative Scandinavian-modern design always manages to surprise and inspire me. If you 


Soon it will be time to pack away all those holiday decorations for another year. Ugh! I doubt if anyone really enjoys this step. We all know it is essential to get holiday decorations put away in a relatively organized way so that all of 

Cleaning Up for Company: Suggestions for Three Messy Living Rooms

One of the biggest organizational challenges related to the holidays is getting your house clean for entertaining or hosting guests. While ideally people would understand and accept us exactly as we are, slovenly or neat, the truth is that most guests expect a pretty tidy 

IKEA’s Communication Strategy and the 2011 IKEA Catalog!

The 2011 IKEA Catalog arrived in the mail recently and, as usual, is jam-packed with wonderful organizing ideas! Since we are discussing communication this month, I thought I would tie in my Catalog review with a quick review of IKEA’s communications strategy. IKEA has a 

Closet Storage Solutions

I have yet to meet the person who thinks they have sufficient closet space. Most people lament how small their closets are—no matter whether the closets are large walk-ins or small coat closets. No matter what size space we have to work with, we can