Ruly Timesaver: Medical News Alerts

Staying on top of the latest medical news and research is becoming more important for the average person. There is so much information out there that your doctor can’t possibly know it all for every patient. If you have an uncommon condition, you are often 

Ruly Timesaver: Basic Google Maps Tutorial

I am still a bit of a luddite when it comes to car navigation tools.  I don’t have a Garmin or an on-board navigation system.  For most of my directions I still log on to the computer before I go, type in an address to 

Ruly Timesaver: GnuCash

Balancing a checkbook is one of those tasks that seems like it should be very easy but is really an accounting nightmare! When I got my first job as a teenager, I had my own checking account that I would dutifully balance “to the penny.” 

Ruly Timesaver: Google Reader

It’s Friday and Ruly is officially one week old! It has been a wonderful first week and I continue to appreciate your feedback publicly and behind-the-scenes. So . . . another day and another monthly feature to introduce, the Ruly Timesaver. This feature is about