Ruly Mix: Andrew Huang

It’s the day after the most romantic day of the year and I thought we could all use a little reminder to cherish our loved ones every day of the year.  This month’s Ruly Mix artist, Andrew Huang, has provided a great song inspired by 

Ruly Mix: Ben Harris

‘Tis the season! Whether you are joyfully shopping and putting up decorations or feeling a little tired and overwhelmed, you will get a great boost from today’s Ruly Mix track from composer Ben Harris! I asked Ben for some modern holiday music and he came 

Ruly Mix: George Vlad

Overwhelmed? Need a lift? How about something to challenge your thinking and creativity? I have just the treat for you today . . . another great Ruly Mix! Today’s mix comes from Romanian composer George Vlad. When I first contacted George to discuss doing a 

Ruly Mix: Samuel Pushpak

Just in time for your weekend, the Ruly Mix is back! After a brief hiatus, yet again, you can download for free a great, upbeat track to energize, uplift and motivate you to achieve your organizational goals. A recent New York Times blog post attempts 

Ruly Mix: Danny Stewart-Smith

It’s Friday!! Time to pick up some energy for the weekend and motivate yourself to have some fun! Dan Stewart-Smith comes to our rescue again with another great motivational mix. First, I had some questions for Dan about the role music plays in motivation. He