Toy Storage Ideas: Legos

At our house, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Legos. The classic construction toy is so much fun to build with and admire. Depending on your preference, you either build your kit once and store it in pristine condition like a model or you keep tearing 

The Barbie Closet

This Christmas we did something radical . . . for us. We bought used! I didn’t have a plan to do this. It sort of evolved when I was not enthused by the latest Barbie fashions. (I will sound like an old lady but some 

Ruly Kids: Instant Elf Hats with Pajama Pants

My 6 year old came up with this super easy, cost-free tip to generate instant elves and cute photos.  The steps are simple and kids love it! Find a pair of pajama pants, leggings or other stretchy pants. Put them on your head! Results:

Ruly Kids: Easy Christmas Decorations

Since I have delayed on my decorating, my clever daughter has been picking up the slack for me!  Below are a few of her easy tips to create fun Christmas decorations. Tip #1: Get out your stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are the perfect Christmas decorations.