Does Eating At Home Really Save You Money?

The first question in my November healthy eating experiment was whether eating at home would aid weight loss and make you healthier.  I told you my results on that yesterday.  The second question in my experiment was whether eating at home saves you money? Logically, 

Thanksgiving Recovery

What a feast! I spent all day cooking and just about the time many people were probably getting in their cars for some early Black Friday shopping we were sitting down to eat. My 3 year old decided that the proper attire for such a 

Thanksgiving Organizing Tips

So far, almost everyone I have spoken with is not cooking this Thanksgiving! They are all traveling or joining a group dinner at a family member’s home. We are on our own this holiday (but missing our families across the country dearly) so I will 

Ruly Ruth: Thanksgiving…Vegetarian Style!

Next week, we are coming up on the biggest meat-eating holiday of the entire year . . . Thanksgiving!  As a special challenge to Ruly Ruth, I inquired what she would do if she had to host a vegetarian Thanksgiving.  While I have never been 

Day 17 Progress

I’m over the halfway point in my healthy eating and exercise experiment this month!  How are things? Healthy Eating Progress I would give myself about a B- for my fruit and vegetable eating efforts.  We have eaten every single meal at home this month so