Organizing in the News: Lessons from Governor Bob McDonnell on Board of Director Service

The news here in Virginia has been dominated by the drama at the University of Virginia (perhaps the most prestigious university in our state) regarding the ouster of President Teresa A. Sullivan. If you haven’t been following the story, members of the University of Virginia 

Why Willpower Alone is Not Enough to Become Organized

Some fascinating new research on willpower has been in the news lately.  The research suggests that our brains are a combination of rational and emotional processing centers and that there is a limit to how much each side of the brain can handle at a 

Organizing in the News

It has been another great month for organizing news.  Highlights from this month’s news stories: Recession Eating Trends A recent MarketWatch story indicates that the recession is taking its toll on our waistlines.  As  we are driven to economize, we are buying heat-and-eat meals from 

Organizing in the News

This month, there have been several interesting news stories related to organizational topics. These stories highlight some of the emerging issues in organization and illustrate some unique responses to organizational needs. Organizing Your Thoughts: Choosing Your Communication Tools One of the biggest challenges for many