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You could say that my theme word for 2014 was inspired by our recent travels.  No matter the weather challenge, we were headed forward!

You could say that my theme word for 2014 was inspired by our recent travels. No matter the weather challenge, we were headed forward!


A little rain could not hold us back.


Even tumbleweeds were not going to stop us!

Professional organizer Marcia Francois is the genius behind the annual theme word concept. Each year, she advises everyone to choose one word to focus on throughout the year–one word that is the broad theme behind any resolutions or goals you are hoping to achieve.

Last year, my theme word was “routine.” Routine is a complex concept that encompasses stability, predictability, dedication, motivation, and, as diadia so aptly commented, history. Routine is largely about using your accumulated knowledge to maintain your current goals.

Until just recently, I was stumped as to what my theme word for 2014 would be. I was concerned that nothing was coming to mind.

Then, one day I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio/online program and he was talking about people who get stuck doing the same thing over and over with the same results and never seem to move forward. He said that people need to make changes in order to achieve “traction.” I knew immediately that this was my next theme word.


So, for 2014, I am focusing on “traction.” The first thing I have to determine is what this word means to me. Broadly, “traction” to me means the following:

  • getting unstuck from unhealthy or unproductive behaviors
  • continuing to try new ideas until you find an effective solution for your problem
  • eliminating complacency and remaining aware of opportunities for improvement even in areas where you are performing well
  • forging into unknown, messy and complex situations
  • moving noticeably forward, whether by an inch or a mile

I am now off to update the photo frame for my desk so I have a visual reminder.

What is your theme word for 2014? Ruth shared in the comments previously that she has chosen “patience,” a challenge for us all!

*Font credit: “Dirty Ego” by Misprinted Type.

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2 Comments to “My Theme Word for 2014”

  1. avatar diadia says:

    More than one word: Lightness of being

    From Julie Bogart’s “Brave Writer” suggestions

  2. avatar ruth says:

    Love the font!! great word! And I think we need to look at these words cumulatively because a couple years ago I chose the word diligence and I loved it so much I use it 2 years in a row and I do think it helped and now I’d like to think of adding in patience and not just the word patience on its own.

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